Suzanne Thorpe

Programmed Suzanne Thorpe’s PHLOQ into the River to River Festival, curated her work “Constituting States” into the “Ephemeral Objects” exhibit at San Diego Art Institute.

Suzanne Thorpe is an award-winning electroacoustic flutist and composer, as well as a researcher and educator, whose work migrates between fixed, improvised, performed and installed forms. She employs an evolving array of technologies, listening for sound qualities and timbres, and moments to introduce them to each other. Drawing upon traditions of soundscape, land art, and improvisation, as well as research in new materialism, environmental ethics and systems inquiry, she composes works that reference the dynamic relationships between sound, place and its inhabitants.

Phloq is a 3D sound installation conjuring the sensation of birds taking flight to inspire an exploration of innate, linked movement among bird life, comparable choreographed maneuvers of man, the networks that facilitate both, and interruptions and confusions that may arise. Created in collaboration with Paul Geluso, designer of the 3D Sound Object from which the work was diffused.

Constituting States is a real-time generative work for vocals & electronics, spatialized for 8 speaker array, commissioned by the San Diego Art Institute.