was launched by Applied Creativity founder Andrew Horwitz in 2003 as the in-house blog for Performance Space 122 and has been operating independently since 2007. Over the past ten years it has become a recognized leader in the field as a creator and publisher of critical writing and arts-related content. Culturebot has published influential essays on criticism in the 21st century, the economics of cultural production, the state of contemporary performance-making and associated practices, the arts ecology and the relationship between performing arts and society at large.

Culturebot aspires to be deeply knowledgable and widely accessible, believing that criticism is a creative practice and critical discourse is essential for a vibrant and engaged cultural ecology.

As Culturebot-related programs have grown, has become the flagship publication of the newly-formed Culturebot Arts & Media, a non-profit dedicated to supporting critical discourse about – and through the lens of – arts and culture.This 21st century arts organization presents performances and convenes conversations, builds community, supports artists, critical discourse and professional development.