Maximum Performance (Beta)


Maximum Peformance (Beta), a collection of essays published on between 2011-2013, is a convenient introduction to the ideas of curator, critic and thought-leading cultural provocateur Andrew Horwitz.

Essays include:

  • Re-Framing The Critic for the 21st Century:Dramaturgy, Advocacy and Engagement
  • Visual Art Performance vs. Contemporary Performance
  • Social Practice and Performance
  • The Politics of Cultural Production In Theater (Parts I & III)
  • Curatorial Practice and Cultural Production
  • The Economics of Ephemerality
  • Thinking Digitally: How The Social Web Is Changing Arts, Culture, Politics & Economics
  • Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction (and Distribution)
  • Notes From Berlin (Parts I * II)
  • Territorial Pissings – Reflections on Generational Conflict in Mass Media
  • Being There – Reflections on Liveness