I have been invited to speak at conferences, arts organizations and universities. Below are some of the topics I’ve spoken on and workshops I’ve led. In 2015 I developed and taught a two-part cross-disciplinary graduate seminar on the Theory and Practice of Cultural Production in the 21st Century for U.C. San Diego’s Department of Theatre and Dance. Attended by MFA and PhD students from dance, theater, music and visual art, we spent the first quarter combining the practical and the theoretical elements of cultural production and the second quarter developing the creative practice of critical writing.


here are a few of the topics that I have written and spoken about:

  • Institutional Branding and Audience Engagement in the Internet Age
  • Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction
  • How the Social Web is changing Art, Politics & Economics
  • Criticism In The 21st Century
  • Dance In The Museum
  • Performance & Context: Visual Art Performance vs. The Performing Arts
  • The Economics of Cultural Production
  • Multiculturalism & Diversity in America & Europe
  • Creative Placemaking: Arts, Civics & Public Space
  • Artistic Citizenship
  • Digital Dramaturgy
  • Socially Engaged Art
  • Investigation, Interrogation & the Aesthetics of 21st Century Performance
  • Re-Imagining Contemporary Jewish Culture & Identity
  • Curatorial Practice in Performance
  • Criticism As Creative Practice
  • Performance, Site and Place
  • The Present and Future of Performance
  • Dance & The Museum
  • Effective Arts Administration & Producing Across Disciplines
  • Arts Festivals, Creative Placemaking and Civic Participation


here are a few things I have done and taught:

  • Arts Writing & Citizen Criticism
  • Internet and Social Media Strategies or Artists & Small Institutions
  • Values Assessments, Core Values & Strategic Planning  for Artists & Small Institutions
  • Budgeting & Planning for Artists & Small Institutions
  • Marketing & PR for Artists and Small Institutions
  • Community Engagement Planning & Strategy