Prior to becoming a full-time arts administrator in 2002, Applied Creativity founder Andrew Horwitz worked as an interactive producer and brand strategist at high end global advertising agencies such as Fallon Worldwide (NYC office), iDeutsch and Margeotes|Fertitta + Partners. Since 2002 he has a proven track record of creating and delivering innovative and forward-thinking digital solutions in the arts and culture sector. He created and launched in 2003 and rebranded Performance Space 122 including a website redesign. He co-created and curated the first-ever all-blogger reading and performance series (The WYSIWYG Talent Show, 2004-2007) that showcased the voices of some of today’s most notable web personalities. He has brought his digital expertise to every organization and artist with whom he has worked including The Prelude Festival, the Foundation for Jewish Culture and the River To River Festival. Here are some recent and current projects.